Black Cat® Fireworks along with its Independent Dealers, Retailers, Dedicated Employees and Loyal Customers will donate and solicit donations to help rebuild St. Mary’s Elementary School in Joplin, MO.

Mike Collar, President of Winco Fireworks International, Black Cat’s United States Master Distributor, called Aaron Colson of Black Market Fireworks, a major Black Cat fireworks retailer in Joplin, to offer assistance. Colson’s wish was for Black Cat® to help in the rebuilding of St. Mary’s Elementary School. According to Colson, “St. Mary’s currently has 211 children with no place to go next fall for school. Sure insurance will cover some of the rebuilding, but what about the books, computers, smart boards, computer lab plus much more that insurance just won’t cover? St. Mary’s just completed a fundraising drive in 2010 to help remodel and get other needed supplies; that is now all gone.”

Black Cat® has worked with First State Bank of Joplin to set up an account for the funds and Colson’s wife, Heather, has committed to making sure all the funds go for much needed items. Heather said, “We are just overwhelmed that Black Cat is willing to help. When my husband told me of the project, I got goose bumps all over!”

To donate, please send checks payable to "Rebuild St. Mary's School" to:

Joplin Area Catholic Schools
c/o Rebuild St. Mary's School
930 South Pearl Ave.
Joplin, MO 64801
**All donations are tax deductible**