• Outbreaker 119's

  • BCGC-625

    Outbreaker is a true original that takes High Power Pyro design to the edge. With well over 100 shots plus speed and precision, you will want to go back for more.


    With digital-like precision, Outbreaker opens its performance with a continuous sequential flurry of comets that commences from the center of the fan design before breaking out in either direction. The "Peacock Plume" design sets the stage for huge finale that combines sequentially fired whistles and hummers as well as a crackling mine to chrysanthemum crackling burst encore.


    Size: 6-7/8" H x(Top:18-3/8", Bottom:10-5/8")W x 17-1/2" D

    Shots: 119


    1. Red comets

    2. Green comets

    3. Blue comets

    4. Silver comets

    5. Purple comets

    6. Yellow comets

    7. Lemon crackling fish

    8. Whistling mines

    9. Red crackling comets

    10. Green crackling comets

    11. Blue crackling comets

    12. Hummer mines

    13. Crackling mines to chrysanthemum crackles