• Wake the Dead 13's

  • BC6259

    In the dead of night, 13 Black Cat booms rupture the eerie silence as blue, orange, and glittering breaks burst large. The spirits awaken to this spooky spectacular with the red and green cackling crackle laughing out loud with each of their creepy cracks. But fear not, for this is one display where a 'Black Cat' AND the 'Number 13' are sure to prove lucky!


    Size: 7-1/8" H x 9-7/8" D x 11-1/4" W

    Shots: 13


    1. Silver tail up to blue star & white glitter
    2. Silver tail up to crackle to red
    3. Silver tail up to orange & green glitter
    4. Silver tail up to crackle to green
    5. Gold crackling chrysanthemum