• High Voltage 12's

  • BC6249

    High Voltage powerful bursts. High Voltage powerful effects. High Voltage powerful colors. An electrifying show that is a must have during any night display!


    Size: 16-1/2" H x 10-5/8" W x 8-6/7" D

    Shots: 12


    1. Orange lemon stars with crackling pistils

    2. Purple stars with green crackling willows

    3. Lemon stars with white glittering

    4. Gold glittering with purple peony's

    5. Green stars with orange umbrellas

    6. Blue stars with gold glittering

    7. Red glittering with lemon stars

    8. Green crackling willows

    9. Green glittering with purple stars

    10. Yellow stars, green stars & purple stars with delayed crackling