• Redneck Party 20's

  • BC6189

    Let's have ourselves a party! A Redneck Party! Hell, em flamin' f'ars are all d'ffrent colors and 'day even crackel demsleves. I don't no how 'day do it, but DANG dem fir'works are mighty fine!


    Size: 8-1/4" H x 10-1/4" W x 8-3/8" D

    Shots: 20


    1. Red tail to white glitter and crackle

    2. Green tail to multi-color (red/green) and crackle

    3. Green tail to purple and crackle

    4. Crackle tail to delay crackle

    5. Blue tail to white glittering willow


    Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!