• Professional Pyro 12's

  • BC6082U

    Professional Pyro #1

    Huge red, green, silver and gold wave shells, preceded by giant silver showering tails.


    Professional Pyro #2

    Long lasting and nice golden willow shells are combined with gorgeous brocade crowns of gold and silver along with shimmering gold comet tails.


    Professional Pyro #3

    A rainbow of color bursting breaks accented with strong glittering silver centers...all rising skyward from red and green showering tails light up the sky.


    Professional Pyro #4

    Giant palm tree shapes in all different colors burst in the sky at the top of huge sparkling silver showering tails.


    Size: 7-3/8" H x 10-3/7" W x 10-1/4" D

    Shots: 12


    Full-Line Dealers Exclusive!