Thank you for your interest in Black Cat fireworks!


We are the #1 brand in fireworks and strive to have the "best of the best" in fireworks retailers throughout the country.  Not only is our product line well known and guaranteed against any duds or dissatisfaction, we are the only fireworks brand in the world that supports our retailers with a full array of marketing tools from Black Cat Marketing right here in the United States.  Internet presence, custom signage, QR product codes, full merchandise lines, NASCAR sponsorships, monthly newsletters, and special fireworks conferences are just a glimpse of what Black Cat offers to all of their partners and retailers in the market to help them outshine the competition.

As for becoming a retailer in your City/State there are many variables that you must consider before you take the next steps:

  1. WHAT ARE THE GUIDELINES IN MY CITY/COUNTY/STATE... are there special licenses I need... what are the laws pertaining to a stand/tent/building... what are the selling seasons... is my area allowing additional permits for fireworks retailers... do I have to be a local citizen of the town I want to sell fireworks in... do I know what is legal and not legal to sell in my area?
  2. LOCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS... do I have a location where I can build a good business... can I get a land lease in place with the land owner... does it have electricity... am I allowed to put up signs to show potential customers what I am selling... is the location secure... can I set up a camper to monitor my location overnight... can I get a port-o-potty on site... can I use a storage unit or trailer on site... do I have a location with good traffic flow... does the site have good parking/lighting... will I be set up on grass, gravel or a solid parking lot?
  3. AM I WILLING TO WORK THE HOURS... can I get people to help me set up... do I know good workers that I can trust... am I an organized person... do I have a good cash register I understand profit margin and cost of goods... am I aware of the tax rules in my I have a good marketing plan?
  4. DO I HAVE STARTUP MONEY.  As a first time retail buyer, most all wholesalers will ask for your first purchase of fireworks to be paid in full at time of delivery/pickup... do I have enough to cover the lease of the land... do I buy or rent a stand/tent/building... can I afford to invest in fireworks at least 2 weeks before I can get a single penny of return on my money... do I know enough about fireworks to explain it to customers that ask questions... what happens if it rains... what if you are in a dry season and the fire marshal closes you down due to a burn ban... do you have a plan for storing any leftover products until your next selling season?  The minimum start-up money you should have for just fireworks inventory can vary.

The fireworks business is fun, exciting, and can be very profitable if you create a business plan that addresses all of the line items above.  Our Dealers can make recommendations for you as it relates to buying products, marketing strategies, merchandising your products, and how to mark up and sell your products. 

Our Dealers may not be able to give you advice on all the items above as laws and conditions vary greatly from city to city and coast to coast, but we can shine light on each of them so you can do your homework and determine if fireworks is the industry for you.  There is always risk with any business, but if you address the items above, you can see that there are some additional risks that relate exclusively to the fireworks business.   Of course, once you figure out how to control the majority of these risks, you can find a great return on your investment.

A productive next step is to go to your local city hall, county courthouse, or simply visit them online and see what the parameters are for a fireworks business in your area.  This will get you started in the right direction and give you some ideas to incorporate into a business plan that will help you determine if this is the business for you.

Our Black Cat catalog can be viewed online at so you can see the full line of products that we offer to customers in the U.S. ...and our Dealers can supply you with a print catalog, DVD and more information about the products that we sell.

For further information, Contact Us and we'll put you in touch with one our Dealers to better serve you.