Black Cat Master Dealers

Black Cat® Master Dealers are Full-Line Black Cat® Direct Importers that are authorized to grow our brand in exclusive territories. This exclusivity allows Master Dealers to provide Retailers, Wholesalers and other Importers in their territory with the largest selection of our products and, all the services and tools our Black Cat Marketing team offers.

Master Dealers are uniquely positioned to participate on our New Product Development Team, assist in our Marketing plans, attend our Conferences and travel to our factories. All of these benefits allow our Master Dealers to better provide Black Cat® Supporters the best service and information towards helping you in your growth.

If you sell in one of the below territories contact your exclusive Black Cat® Master Dealer that services your market for more information.

AR-LA-TX-OK (4 Corners)

Stateline Fireworks

(870) 774-0116


Winco Fireworks of Colorado

(303) 455-1139


USA Fireworks

(317) 352-5990


Pyro City Maine

(207) 624-0371


Central Fireworks

(601) 582-8055

South Dakota

GP Enterprises

(605) 498-5174


Tennessee-Alabama Stateline Fireworks

(423) 837-8103


Winco Fireworks of Utah

(307) 789-5207


Thunder Fireworks

(253) 875-0700


Winco Fireworks of Wyoming

(307) 778-9587