• Diablo 24

  • BC6328 & BC6329

    These canister shells will send the devil back where he belongs.  Diablo is legally loud, with humongous breaks--so loaded, they're almost illegal.


    Size: 29-5/16" H x 9-1/4" W x  5-15/16" D

    Shells: 24

    Packings: 6/4/6




    BC6328 & BC6329-1:
    1. Brocade Crown
    2. Silver glittering star
    3. Red wave with crackling star
    4. Brocade with crackling pistil
    5. Sky blue star with bloody red star and white glittering star
    6. Sky blue star with gold glittering willow and green glittering star

    BC6328 & BC6329-2
    1. Blue Peony
    2. Crackle with silver chrysanthemum
    3. Bloody red with white glittering star
    4. Gold wave with green glittering star
    5. Brocade with red star and green star
    6. Red peony with green peony and blue peony

    BC6328 & BC6329-3
    1. Green peony
    2. Brocade to red star and brocade to green star
    3. Green wave with delayed crackle
    4. Brocade with white glittering star
    5. Gold willow to white glittering star and crackling pistil
    6. White glittering star with red wave and green wave

    BC6328 & BC6329-4
    1. Red peony
    2. Gold willow
    3. Brocade to sparkling willow and green glittering star 
    4. Green glittering star with red umbrella and sky blue umbrella
    5. Green glittering star with sky blue, lemon and purple umbrella
    6. Silver chrys with red, green, lemon sky blue and orange umbrella

    Behind The Fire

    The devil and his iron army
    Could not last the night;
    The deafening roars above them
    As the sky came alight

    Diablo saw his treacherous end;
    The glitter of the heavens
    The crackle of the fury above,
    sent Diablo where he belongs