• Oblivion 150's

  • BC6350

    Salute our independence with this 150-shot fanfare. This big angle cake shoots jets of color with a finale of crackling comets & silver palms.


    Size: 4" H x 20-1/4" W x 16-1/2" D

    Shots: 150


    1-22: Red comet

    23-44: Green comet

    45-50: Silver palm & blue star

    51-72: Purple comet

    73-94: Lemon comet

    95-100: Brocade & red star

    101-122: Blue comet

    123-144: Crackling comet

    145-150: Silver palm & chrysanthemum

    Behind The Fire

    The beginning. The unending oblivion of darkness. Pitch black, until… A star, maybe two. One of red, one of blue. A comet. Or a few. Red, green, yellow, and blue. Silver streaks, blooming flowers of light, a star cluster brocade. A perfect painting of light exploding across the great oblivion, crackling motion of light and dark. The view. The unending life of oblivion.