• Frick & Frack

  • BC2214

    These guys may look like hillbillies, but they sure know how to put on a show. After emitting their streams of color & glitter, they both end with strobing faces.


    Size: 7-1/4" H x 6-1/4" W x 3-1/8" D (box)

    Size: 7-1/8" H x 3" Ø (article)

    Avg. Duration: 25 sec. each


    A. Red & green spark with silver chrysanthemum to glitter.

    B. Blue & green spark with white fir flower to glitter.

    Behind The Fire

    Liza May Dooley had sweethearts aplenty, but her favorites were Frick and Frack; brothers on the farm, they fought leg and arm for the heart of the fair lady. Dressed that day in Sunday best, they stood sharp in the Main Street square. Frick in his suit of deep red and jade, wore Liza May’s silver chrysanthemum on his lapel; but Frack, in his suit of navy and green, wore Liza May’s favorite white fir flower. With a yip and a holler, their rifles were drawn, and they shot like the sun wouldn’t rise. Tatters of red, of green, of jade, and of navy – “Make ‘im dance!” – flew about, their faces aglow with the fire from their guns, making their own fireworks in the air just above. When the smoke was then cleared, the tatters sparking the old dirt, poor Liza May found to her dismay, that the brothers Frick and Frack were alive and okay; and they shook hands, and they laughed, faces glowing in delight, as they promised each other a drink. Liza May, loser of the day, was left in the square, with gunpowder and used firecrackers.