• Blackbeard

  • BC2215

    Matey's, take no prisioners!  Fry the enemy pirates with crackle & sparks, spear them with sharp slivers. Blackbeard is a colorful, sizzling reign of terror that will delight kids of all ages.


    Size: 7" H x 12-3/5" W x 4-1/2" D

    Avg. Duration: 90 sec.


    1. White fir flower with yellow & red spark

    2. White chrysanthemum with yellow & green spark to gold chrysanthemum

    3. Crackle with yellow & blue spark

    4. Gold silver flower with orange & lemon spark

    5. White chrysanthemum

    Behind The Fire

    The Queen Anne's Revenge was a fearsome ship, heralding fearsome deeds, with a fearsome captain with the name of Edward Teach. His formidable appearance lent to his notorious name: the villainous Blackbeard. His ransom demands begin with the white smoke of his cannons, sparking yellow and red, bursting in the air like golden flowers of flame. The crackling of gunfire and the clash of silver swords – this colorful crew under the banner of black take no prisoners save the treasure of their enemies.