• Cat Fight

  • BC2205

    This long-lasting fountain has some claws, with running sparks and pine needles punctuating the flying color and crackle.


    Size: 5-15/16" H x 3-15/16" W x 3-15/16" D

    Avg. Duration: 75 sec.


    1. Red running spark to white sparkling flower & red spark

    2. Green running spark to silver pine & green spark

    3. Blue running spark to yellow crackling flower & blue spark

    4. Red, green and blue running spark to silver sparkling crackle with red & green spark

    Behind The Fire

    “Five for the fire-tabby! Five for the tabby!” the old Persian cries; his fur is torn to match his ear and his claws have long since gone. His eyes, though, are piercing blue to match each bet to the note – if what you give is counterfeit, you get a fight of your own.

    “Ten on the coon! Anybody else for the coon?” the cry goes out as the bell is rung. The fur flies amidst the crackling leaves. A blow here, a scratch there, a final cut in motion –

    “And that’s fifteen for the tabby! Fifteen for the fire-tabby!” calls the old Persian cat. Green tickets, blue tickets, red and yellow too, flood the betting box like sparks among the fur. The tabby takes his winnings – a prize of green and silver. The coon leaves, another lost fight, but he can’t win against a fountain of flames.