• Pirate Booty 25's

  • BC6348

    A treasure cache of color - arrays of red tails lead the charge to big, colorful bursts of umbrellas, brocade king & silver palm, surrounded by glittering gold.


    Size: 8-3/4" H x 14-3/4" W x 9-9/16" D

    Shots: 25


    1-5: Red tail up to purple umbrella & green glitter

    6-10: Red tail up to red umbrella & gold glitter

    11-15: Red tail up to brocade king & green glitter

    16-20: Red tail up to green umbrella & gold glitter

    21-25: Red tail up to silver palm to delay crackle

    Behind The Fire

    The Brocade King,
    the pirate’s dream,
    sailed high on the seven seas.

    She was laden
    with gold and with green,
    dubloons and emeralds galore.

    Captain Roger Prisk,
    serpent of the cove,
    brought their booty to bury that day.

    The silver palm trees,
    under the clear moon’s light,
    gave through to the burial flight.

    Gold and green buried in the sky
    the night disturbed, on the wind,
    and the delayed crackle of lit gunpowder.